wacka-chicka, wacka-chicka, wacka-chicka…

By now, surely, you must have noticed my attraction to pop culture. I love all things TV, movie, music, and especially internet. So, it should come as no surprise that I love Oprah. I love all her pretention. I love the fact that everything she touches turns to gold. Wouldn’t that be a great ability to have? Whatever books you like, everyone else will buy and like. Even if they are crap. I mean she’s like the closest thing to a modern day Jesus that we have–although, I don’t think she has walked on water … yet.

My favorite things about Oprah are her AHA! moments. These are moments when you realize some great truth that changes your life. What a great concept.

But, (Sorry, O.)I have a better idea. Since, I personally enjoy living in “la la” land–a delusional world of situations that aren’t real–I have lots of moments that are the total opposite of an AHA! moment. Moments that I ignore the “great truths” that could change my life. Like, when I am at work and someone “looks” at me in a sexy kind of way. I create this whole idea that they are flirting with me. I start to swagger down the aisle and ask them, “would you like coffee…tea…me?”

(cue the music and lights)
wacka-chicka, wacka-chicka, wacka-chicka…

Maybe, I’ve watched too much porn (speaking of things that aren’t real). But, when I create a situation that isn’t real–I call it a “wacka-chicka” moment. You know…from the cheesy music the play in porn. For instance, when I used to live in Phoenix, I had a pool in my backyard. Once a week, the “pool boy” would come and walk around the pool and pretend to clean it. That part is real. However, I had a major wacka-chicka moment everytime he came. You probably can see where this is going. If things aren’t happening in real life, sometimes you just have to create them in your head.
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I know that we all do this. We see things that aren’t there. I have shared one of my wacka-chicka moments. Now, it’s your turn. COME ON, leave me a comment about one your wackiest wacka-chicka moments…
Here’s a funny Pablo Francisco video about porn music…

One response to “wacka-chicka, wacka-chicka, wacka-chicka…

  1. I love the pool guy
    wacka chicka wacka chicka
    I have lots of those moments.
    when I realize all my delusionals.. in fact I am SO delusional that I want to write a whole book on it… Anyway. happy day and see you soon — Love WRR

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