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Kiss Kiss

What a weekend. I got home from a 4-day trip last Friday, ready to enjoy a nice long Memorial Day weekend. However, my sinuses had a different idea for my days off. Friday night the aches began, and by Saturday morning, I had a full-blown sinus infection. Fuck. Well, as they say, the show must go on. I had lots of plans for the weekend; and, I was not about to let this ruin it. I just would have to become a druggie doped up on ibuprofen with a nasal decongestant back.

On Sunday, Jeff and I went out with the gang to see the excessively-hyped “Pirates of the Carribbean 3.” Arrrrrrggggh! When the gang showed up, we proceeded to go through our standard greetings, involving lots of hugging and dare I say… kissing. Now, I was fully prepared with a skull and crossbones warning about my sickness. “Beware maties….stay away from the dastardly and infirmed Pirate Lord Sir Tyler of the Castro!!” (Ok, so in reality I just looked like shit and they just knew to keep a distance. But, that was what I wanted to say…)

I love it that these friends are so lovey. I just didn’t want to be the one to get them sick. And, they were grateful, for the most part. One friend, who we shall call Juan, for the sake of this post, is the biggest kisser of them all. He’s the type that, when you aim for his cheek, will dodge around back to your lips. You will not deny Juan the kiss…on the lips. He didn’t care that I was the dastardly and infirmed Pirate Lord Sir Tyler of the Castro. It was sweet. I hope he didn’t get sick.

But, more importantly, it got me thinking. In my past, I have always avoided physical contact. Back in the day, I used to even avoid giving “frontal hugs” (as I called them) to girls. I could only hug them from the side. It just kind of grossed me out. Sorry ladies. My dear friend Jaclyn endured 4 1/2 years of “high-fives” because I didn’t want to be to gushy. Don’t worry, I now give her a nice solid “frontal hug” when I say goodbye.

I have another friend from work that, despite all attempts to dodge her, always gives me a big ole kiss on the lips. I swear that she has tried to slip me the tongue. Some people are just kissers.

So. Let’s take a survey. Post a comment and let everyone know if you are a kisser or a hugger, or how do you greet your friends? Be brave. If you have any wierd greeting rituals, let’s hear about them!


I am a professional pedestrian. At least that’s how I like to think of myself. When I took the leap and moved into San Francisco from the warmer side of the bay, I also got rid of my car. And, it really was a dream come true. I had always had a car because I had always lived in places where it was a necessity.

It’s been almost two years and I still don’t really miss it…at all. I mean, why would I? I save hundreds of dollars a month by simply using my two feet. And, if we (Jeff and I) need to, we can take Jeff’s car–Gladys. Gladys is a fine specimen approaching 20 years old. Sure, she might be missing several pieces of trim, have a taped on headlight, and smell strangely similar to a 90 year old–which I am convinced is her age if she were human–but, the truth is, Gladys is lucky to be alive. She has been wrecked and stolen (and returned) several times. And most importantly, she runs.

I wish I could say that any of my past cars fared as well. My first car was a 1981 Chevy Citation. Just prior to its demise, the only way to shift gears was to turn the car off–shift–then, turn the car back on. All while going down the road. My next car was a 1988 Ford Tempo. When it died it still had the bailing twine and wire delicately woven throughout the engine to hold it together. After that there was the 1992 Mercury Topaz. It lived a nice long life. However, after a series of unfortunate events involving the radiator and 110 degree Phoenix heat, I left it abandoned at a strip mall never to be seen again.

So, needless to say, I love not having a car! And now that I don’t drive very often, I have had time to perfect my “back seat” driving skills; which, I know are greatly appreciated. I also have grown acutely aware of others’ road rage. In particular, my friend Jaclyn. Jaclyn is the most respectful and caring person I know…until she gets behind the wheel. Frankly, she scares me. Which is another thing, now that I don’t really drive; I get scared riding in the passenger seat. I don’t know what has made me so skiddish.

Maybe it has something to do with almost becoming roadkill, while the ones driving the cars are screaming and honking at each other.