You want to know more about me?  I’m glad you asked.

I am a flight attendant who lives in San Francisco.  Though, that doesn’t tell you much about my life.  I grew up on a rural Iowa dairy farm in a conservative Christian home. However, what do you really know about my childhood now?  I went to Bible College and became an ordained music pastor only to leave that behind in order to be true to myself.  Now we’re starting to get somewhere.

I believe in living your dream.  So I live in the Gay Mecca.  I believe in laughing a lot.  So I act as silly and goofy as possible and try to find humor wherever I can.  I believe in expressing yourself.  So I blog.

This blog is an exploration of myself as well as the world around me.  Sometimes I write about the things I see around the city, sometimes about work, sometimes about pop-culture or television.  No matter what I’m writing about, I guarantee it comes from my view of life at the corner of 17th and Sanchez.

2 responses to “Moi?

  1. Tyler! Hey, bud. I wish I knew you lived in SFO because my twin brother lives there and my boyfriend and I went out Labor Day weekend ’07 to visit & it was so great. You probably would have given us a better tour of the Castro than my straight (but very pro-gay) twin. Anyway, I left Ozark CC and did ministry for 14 years, got married, and had 4 kids, until I realized I couldn’t live the straight life anymore. I have been with Dellas for 2 1/2 years and we own a house in KC, MO. We have the kids every weekend, and I work for DeVry University. I looked you up because Jenny Camp came to see me last Sunday and although she didn’t tell me you were gay, she did say you were a flight attendant living in San Fran, and I figured we’d have a lot in common–since I love to travel! We need to get in touch again.

  2. Kimberly from K-ville

    I miss you, TLC 🙂
    Hope all is well!

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