Take a Ride on the Shortbus

One of my favorite movies of last year was “Shortbus.” What a great multi-layered movie. I’m just now writing about this movie because Jeff and I rented it again last night. And, it has taken this long for me to really process the film. I originally saw it last fall when I was in NYC with Jeff. It was a highlight of the trip–to see a movie in New York about New Yorkers trying to deal with the aftermath of 9-11, the aftermath of each other, and the aftermath of themselves. 2 kudos!

Here’s an overly brief synopsis of the movie for those who didn’t see it. The movie begins in a post 9-11 New York City following the lives of a few New Yorkers. We see them struggling to live their lives and deal with each other in meaningful, truthful ways. It is difficult to summarize such a multi-layered story. I guess one way would be to say that we are all flawed, in some way, and that life is measured in the amount of love that we give or don’t give. (Very “RENT”, huh?) Anyway, so these people created a space called “Shortbus” to gather and deal. And have sex. And give love. And be loved. The movie unfolds as these peoples lives unravel.

I realize that “Shortbus” is one of those “love it or hate it” movies. Some think that there is too much sex. Some think the sex is not titillating enough. Others just hate all of the threads that are being woven together. Some are just not ready to be confronted with the idea that we all have flaws and are taking a ride on the “Shortbus.”

I guess knowing how the movie came together really makes it special for me. The actors were cast first, then the story came together out of a series of workshops, then they found financing and filmed. This process gives the movie such a quality of realness. And, the actors are dealing with their real issues and are having real sex. Really. I guess that I just completely lost myself in their stories.

Its rare that I would care enough about a movie to write about it, just for fun. But I find this movie continuing to play itself out in my life. And that is even more rare…

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