Easter in the Castro

Okay, so check it out dawg. (Soooo sorry, just having a Randy Jackson moment) Easter was last Sunday. I have always thought that Easter was an interesting holiday. For you to understand why I feel this way, I should probably give a little history…

I grew up in a your typical midwestern christian family–which will provide many more stories to come. So, anyway, Easter always involved a certain amount of pageantry. First, we were dressed up in our matching (all 4 of us) Easter outfits. Now, mind you, we were a poor farming family, so, this was quite a feat in and of itself. But, nevertheless, we wore matching Easter outfits. Usually, a very nice shade of baby blue or some other Easter color that worked really well with my skin tone. After we were fully dressed, we were paraded out to the front of the house to take pictures. All four of us usually looked completely pissed off, in my opinion. We were then carted off to church to show off our new clothes. Afterward, there was some sort of Easter feast followed by digging through the front bushes and grass for candy. All pretty standard, really. I don’t think we really understood what all the hoopla was about.

Rush ahead 25 years. My boyfriend and I are strolling through Dolores Park in SF one beautiful Sunday afternoon. What a scene! Drag queens dressed to kill, groups of friends high as a kite, a girl on a stage singing songs about pussies, and good looking men dressed up like hunky Jesuses.

You can understand why I think Easter is such a bizarre holiday.

I guess if I had to choose, I would have to say that I prefer the latter version of Easter. Although they really aren’t that different. You know all of the pageantry and such. Church ladies who look like drag queens, groups of friends high as a kite. However, I would be hard-pressed to find any example from my childhood of anyone singing songs about the female anatomy. And lets get real, Jesus was a hunk in his little loin cloth. It was always exciting to see which cute guy was going to play the role of Jesus in the Easter pageant, wearing nothing but a itsy bitsy teenie weenie…did I just say weenie?

Come to think of it, Easter is definitely one of my favorite holidays…

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