A New Home.

As some of you might remember, this blog used to be titled “17th and Sanchez.”  It was blog about my life–how I ended up living near the corner of 17th Street and Sanchez Street in San Francisco.  I loved that old place.  I’ve moved!

This is where I lived for my first 6 years in San Francisco

I have so many incredible memories from 17th and Sanchez.  (By the way, I lived on the middle floor, front unit, house with the orange garage.)  However, it was time to move.  It was time to get a roommate and move into a nicer and roomier place.  And, on top of that I found a place that is even gayer than my old place.  I moved into a 2 bedroom apartment that is basically at the corner of 18th and Castro.  For those of you have been to the Castro, you know that I now live at the heart of the gay mecca.  Quite literally.  I’m living at the crossroads of Gay and Gayer.  And I love it.  Of course, I only had to move 2 blocks to get to where I currently live, but somehow I feel as though it was a significant move.

So, with a new address comes a new blog.  I won’t be changing the URL address of the blog.  It will continue to be http://www.tyflyguy.com.  But, you will see numerous other changes–probably less flight attendant stories and more gay community stuff.  Of course, I will continue to draw from my conservative Christian past.  And you can be sure that I will sprinkle it with stories about my new gay roommate J. (We’re just roommates, not lovahs)  Oh yes, and I shouldn’t forget J’s pussy Leo.  I already have developed a strong relationship with J’s pussy.  Now before you get your panties all wadded up, I’m talking about my roommate’s cat.  His name is Leo.

So welcome back to my blog.  Let’s call it tyflyguy: 18th and Castro, at the corner of Gay and Gayer.

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