Welcome to tyflyguy.com

Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen.  I recently upgraded to iMovie ’09 and thought I’d try it out on a new welcome video for my blog.  The video will actually reside in the “moi?” section of tyflyguy.com.  I thought I’d show it to you on my main page first since most of you will never check out those other tabs…

6 responses to “Welcome to tyflyguy.com

  1. What the hell!
    Who do you think you are… Barbra Streisand? Clint Eastwood?
    That was fun honey!

  2. Hilarious, Tyler. 🙂

    (I’m a little bit glad you’re killing one of your children because I kill mine all the time. My plant ones, not my real babies. But I’ve thought about it. Whatever Amy, stop talking.)


  3. TC…ah, that funny guy!

  4. This just makes me giggle. And smile. And wonder if I do the look at the corner of the ceiling thing… which I’m pretty sure I do. I’m so sorry to hear of Lucy the Slut’s passing.

  5. ok…this is just too funny for words!

  6. Ooo, look, all of your old college buddies are showing up. booyoutyguy 🙂 Freak.ing. funny

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