Welcome to my new home!


17th and Sanchez has moved!

Well, folks, after much consideration I have decided to move my blog to WordPress.com.  I’ve been using Google’s Blogger for the last two years, but I’ve become really bored with it.  I want and need a new look/feel for my blog.  This change most likely won’t affect most of you that greatly.  For those of you who read my blog through Google Reader or RSS, you may need to change my blog address to http://www.tyflyguy.com.  For some of you this may not be necessary as I have redirected http://www.17thandSanchez.com to my new WordPress address.  So just type in the same old addy.

Along with the location changes, I’m also toying with changing my blog’s name to simply tyflyguy.  It’s become my online persona and I find it fitting.  We’ll see.

I’m really excited about these changes.  However, for the next several days my blog is going to be a big mess while I get it all set up.  Please just bear with me as I try to take it to the next level.  much love…

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