17th and Sanchez Celebrates 100 Blog Posts!!!

Well folks, I know that it is hard to believe, but after almost 2 years, I finally reached 100 posts! I feel like someone should roll out a cake with 100 candles or “100” written across the cake. I realize that most serious bloggers reach 100 posts within several months after starting, but I’ve taken the time to give you quality, not quantity. Or, I’m just lazy.

So, in that spirit, I’ve decided to share my top five favorite posts from 17thandSanchez.com, just in case you missed them the first time around.

5) Christians, Part 3 and Christians, Part 2 and, what the hell, Christians. These videos from YouTube did so “well” that they’ve been removed several times and then re-posted. I actually found a new posting of “The Renewed Mind is the Key” video, just in case you missed. It is a must see. Check it out, before it’s too late! There are even a whole bunch of copycat video responses. Writing the first post especially was cathartic. Good times…

4) 275 Smiles. I had fun with this post even though no one posted any comments. 😉 I mean who doesn’t love a good spontaneous photo shoot?

3) Meet my Children. I have several friends with blogs about their children. I was jealous. So I thought I’d introduce my own children to the world. All 9 of them.

2) The Wide-Eye Squint. ‘Nuf said. Well, not really. Definitely one of more “out there” posts. But again, who doesn’t love a good spontaneous photo shoot?

1) Modeling With Pain. People love videos. Especially when said video includes me making an ass of myself. Interestingly, when I posted this same video on Facebook, they took it down and sent me a nice little nasty-gram. I guess I violated their “terms of use.” Don’t even get me started about the inconsistencies on Facebook. Anyway, this was by far the most fun post.

6 responses to “17th and Sanchez Celebrates 100 Blog Posts!!!

  1. Tyler, you are so funny! I just spent a lovely while reading those past posts and watching the videos. Jesus is a Friend of Mine is hysterical!! It's still going through my head! I found a different version of it you may not have seen. Marilyn Manson's! Okay, so it's a lame edit-job, but still funny! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J54s1FSwLU&feature=related

    I took yesterday off of work and *should* have done housework or something, but what did I do? I watched a marathon of ANTM!! It's ridiculously funny! The video of you guys was hysterical, too! I heard Jeff laughing in the background and wondered if he'd do something on camera. Too funny!

    Happy 100th post! Keep writing, I'll keep reading!

  2. My favorite is the meet my children video. It makes me laugh everytime. Happy 100th post! Happy Blogging 2009 to you!

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Had I known I would have baked you a cake…and found 100 candles and probably started a fire in your house, but all in celebration of a momentous event. 🙂

  4. wow.. 100th.. how special. Thank you for always having such high quality blog. not unlike my own which is all about me making an ass of myself and my loved ones. I love modeling with pain. Makes me laugh everytime I see it and makes me miss you a lot. with lots of love.. your AFF shahla ( agressively friendly friend

  5. Tyler-
    Jackie directed me to checkout your blog. I am particularly fond of Christians Part 2 and the video, ahhh such memories that brings back. I was watching in complete disbelief and literally exploded in laughter during the ‘dance break’. Glad you are happy and doing well.


  6. YEAHHHHH 100!!!! And I haven’t done 1 😦

    Oh well some day I will be as good as you! ;0)

    LOVE the posts… keep posting Miss T!

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