Christians, Part 3

OK, I swear, I will try to stop creating these Christian posts. My last post pushed my blog view count to over 1,000. It’s like adding Palin to the GOP ticket. All of a sudden, everyone gets excited and interested, or worried and annoyed–take your pick. I just put that track counter on my blog about 2 months ago. That’s pretty good for a small, unknown personal blog, don’t ya think? The video was pulled from Youtube and now even The Way International’s website. I guess they weren’t enjoying the attention. So, you’ll just have to take my word from it–it was freakin’ hilarious.

I think what surprises me the most about that last post was that so many people commented on it. It’s a shame they pulled it from Youtube. I didn’t want people to be left hanging, so thanks to my friend Genilyn, here is another real gem.

A few more notes…

1) Sonseed… really??? Doesn’t exactly create a good mental image.

2) “He taught me how to praise God and still rock-n-roll…” I can only assume he is referring to this pseudo polka/reggae/ska music. wow.

3) I think the guy playing guitar on the left might possibly be barefoot. He must be a recovering hippie.

4) My favorite line of the whole song:

“…he touched me down inside. He is like a mounty, he always gets his man, and he’ll zap you anyway he can…zap!”

That last line pretty much leaves me speechless.

5 responses to “Christians, Part 3

  1. Nooo!! No more, please. 🙂

    Jesus may have loved this guy when he wasted his time by writing that silly song, but honestly, I wish Jesus would’ve just requested that he not perform it.

    My new word: zap!


    PS Hi, Genilyn!!

  2. Okay so u are having too much fun with this kickback music here. I like your funny comments about it.. find it amusing. U really notice the details of the man’s feet… u are all about details aren’t ya?

  3. Wahoo, I made it into a blog. Tyler’s no less 🙂

    The “touched me deep inside” line was the one that sent me over the edge as well.

    Hi to you too, Amy. I love your blog! Thanks, Tyler, for the link 🙂

  4. Heavens to Betsy! Bunny Wailer should cover this little gem.

  5. I just CANT stop watching…

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