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A Serious Problem

There is a serious problem that is sweeping across the nation: People are talking on their cell phones while on the toilet in public bathrooms. It’s an epidemic. I know that with this blog I am moving into the world of ranting. But, I raved last week, so I have to even things out. I don’t want to seem too positive.

So, I have given in to the fact that people are always on their cell phones. And, in all sorts of inappropriate places. Not too long ago, I listened to a girl on the bus break up with someone on her cell phone. On the AirBart bus, I consistently have to listen to business people taking care of business on their cell phones. I live on a busy street and can hear everything that happens on the sidewalk in front of my place. One night at about 2 am, I was awakened to a guy telling someone about all the things that he could do…sexually.

I can handle all of those things. It’s an intrusion; but, I’ve just decided to put on my big girl panties and deal with it. But, I have to draw the line. It’s one thing if someone wants to talk on the phone at home while sitting on the toilet, but, if there is any place where a person should be able to have a moment of privacy–it is while they are going to the bathroom.

Here is part of a conversation I overheard not too long ago while in the bathroom:
(Please pardon the sound effects, I think it gets my point across.)

“Hey, Honey…” (ppffffffttt)
“No I’m not busy…” (ppffffffttt)
“Oh, baby that’s great!” (ppfffffffttt)
“Oh, that’s just cars going by…” (ppffffffttt)
“No, No…you’re not interrupting…” (rrrrrgggggpppffffftt)
“Okay, bye, love you.” (flush)

I have just one thing to say to those who choose to use their phones at the most inopportune times: VOICEMAIL.

God, I feel much better now.

My Latest Addiction

Ok, so I am totally in love with my DVR. What an amazing invention. TV–whatever, whenever, however you want it. Commercial free, basically. This device was created specifically for the obsessive type of person, like me.

I seriously have no idea how I survived for years without one. Its not that I even used to tape my shows on a VHS tape, and this is making my life better by not have to use a tape–no–I seemed to have discovered lots of shows that I can’t live without. Shows that I never would have found the time to watch before, I can now squeeze into my schedule at 3 am.

And, in my true obsessive nature I can’t just let the DVR fill up and have all these shows to watch at random when I get bored. I have to watch them as soon as I see that they’re on there. 9 hours of Top Design marathon just taped. Oh my God, I have to watch it now. Why? Because I can. And also, so that I can clear the DVR screen. See, I told you, I ‘m obsessive. It really is about checking things off a list. Which is like my favorite thing to do in the world. Nothing gives me more joy than checking/erasing something off of a list.

The DVR is basically one big “to do” list. And now I only have to spend $10 a month to check things of its list. I told you it is like the best invention ever, next to antibiotics or something…